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Bringing history back to life

At Hello History, we believe that history should be alive and accessible to everyone. To that end, we use cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology to create interactive experiences that allow people to engage and learn from historical figures. Our AI-powered experiences offer users the chance to have conversations with those who have shaped our world, and to gain insight into their lives, thoughts, and beliefs. Our AI-driven conversations provide an unparalleled learning experience, and it’s our goal to make this accessible to everyone. We want to open a window into the past and make it possible for everyone to learn from history in an engaging and meaningful way.


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Where Are We Heading?


Unlocking the potential of knowledge through immersive, interactive experiences.


A world where everyone has access to human-like AI mentors that help successfully navigate life.

We are on a mission to empower everyone with access to AI coaches that can assist people in tackling life's challenges and help humanity reach its maximum potential. Look out for upcoming product launches - the future is exciting!

Martin Balodis

CEO, Co-founder

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