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Transform your students' learning with our program for educators. With our AI models, you will have control over the content and factual information. Want to bring a chapter of a book to life? Get in touch and we can help you create an exciting and engaging experience for your students.

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Let history’s greatest minds teach any subject

Spark your students' curiosity and inspire them to discover knowledge with Hello History! Let Napoleon and Charles Darwin explain the Napoleonic Wars and the theory of evolution in a way that goes beyond a textbook.

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Hello History

Interactive &
Fun Learning

Make homework interactive by allowing students to chat with historical figures and develop critical thinking skills

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The app engages students and helps them retain information with its interactive approach to history education


Now every student can have a personal tutor in any subject that adapts to each students learning style

I used Hello History to teach my students about electrical fields and I was blown away by the results. My students absolutely rocked their test on the topic, it was the best performance I've seen in a long time. I can safely say that Hello History was a huge help in making the information stick for them.

Larry brown

High-school physics teacher

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