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Revolutionize the way your students interact with history through Hello History's AI-driven educational platform. Give your classroom direct access to lifelike conversations with historical figures. Control the narrative, enrich the content, and inspire the next generation of thinkers—all at your fingertips.

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Ignite curiosity with history’s greatest

With Hello History, turn historical events into interactive dialogues. Imagine your students discussing the Napoleonic Wars with Napoleon himself or delving into the intricacies of evolution guided by Charles Darwin. Transcend textbooks and bring history to life in your classroom.

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Interactive &
Fun Learning

Make homework interactive by allowing students to chat with historical figures and develop critical thinking skills

High Student  

The app engages students and helps them retain information with its interactive approach to history education


Now every student can have a personal tutor in any subject that adapts to each students learning style

As a middle school teacher, I'm often juggling the challenge of making history relatable and engaging for younger minds. Hello History's AI-driven interactions have been a hit. The students are not just passively listening; they're asking questions, getting involved, and truly grasping historical context.

anika green

Middle School 
History teacher

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Complete privacy & data security

Hello History doesn’t use your student data to train AI models. All data is encrypted and protected. Additionally, we enable admins to control access to your AI assistants, oversee usage, and view chat history.


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